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Types of Business Ownership

Choosing the best form of business ownership can be a difficult decision for an entrepreneur. This video series will explain everything students need to know about Sole Traders, Partnerships, Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies. I discuss the important differences between limited and unlimited liability and give some important exam tips.


Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your business’s product or service. 
This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding your customer's interests. Marketing is not advertising and involves product development, market research, product distribution, public relations, and customer service. This video series aims to cover everything students need to understand for their examinations.

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Production Process

The process of producing a product is a key element of the GCSE course and in this series, students will develop an understanding of the three main production processes Job, Batch and Flow. The series includes a detailed look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each and the chain of analytical thought that can be constructed around these.

Human Resources

The best businesses have the best people and this video series aims to show students just how important Human Resources can be. Without people, a business will be unable to operate and I explore all of the responsibilities of the human resources function within a business including recruitment, training and much more.
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Understanding your finances can make or break a business and in this video series, I aim to prepare the entrepreneurs of the future to easily handle the many calculations that may be required in their exams. I explore the importance of the finance function and the role it plays within the successful operation of a business. Along the way, I aim to give students the skills they need to develop their application and analytical skills. 


There are a number of external influences that may impact the success or failure of any business and this video series will explore these important topics. Students will develop an understanding of ethical implications on a business and explore a number of examples. I discuss the impact of business on the environment, the impact of the economy on business and much more.
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Weekly Updates

I will be updating the channel with a minimum of one video each week. Keep an eye on the home page to see when the next one is expected.

Free Activity Worksheets

Download digital worksheets which can easily be added to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. The worksheets have been designed so they should work on any device.

Video Case Study

Each video contains a case study based on a fictional. business. I have done this to try and improve student's ability to apply their knowledge.

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