This case study analysis worksheet encourages students to apply their knowledge from the video by responding to an 'Analyse' question. Each case study is relevant to the topic and grounded in real-world business scenarios. The worksheet offers three levels of complexity, catering to diverse learners. It employs the B-L-T (Because, Leading To & Therefore) approach, guiding students in constructing analysis chains. The worksheet is available in print-ready PDF or editable PowerPoint, suitable for Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. An answer sheet is also included.

  • The interactive case study explores Lussmanns, a small independent chain of sustainable fish and grill restaurants that have achieved great success since its establishment in 2002. Lussmanns has won several accolades, including being part of the Sunday Times' list of the 100 Best Places to Eat in the UK. Despite facing the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, owner Andrei Lussmann changed his business model to an e-commerce site, which allowed the company to continue operating. Lussmanns delivered more than 100,000 food packages to its loyal customers and grew its workforce to 26 employees.

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