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Interactive Videos

Designed to captivate and educate, our interactive videos bring business concepts to life, ensuring students stay actively involved while absorbing essential knowledge.

Case Study Analysis

Our interactive case studies teach students essential analysis skills, preparing them for success in exams.

Fun Interactive Games

Our interactive games offer a fun and effective way for students to apply and solidify their understanding of business concepts, enhancing their learning journey.

1200+ Quiz Questions

Designed to challenge and reinforce learning, our quizzes offer students an opportunity to test their understanding of business topics, ensuring they grasp the material effectively.

Mapped To Your Exam Board

Mapped directly to the exam board's curriculum, our interactive videos provide students with tailored content that aligns seamlessly with their exam requirements.
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Digital Completion Certificates

Completing a course earns students a digital certificate, a badge of honour for mastering business concepts!

What's included?

This list displays all interactive videos covered by your subscription. It's worth noting that the initial 25 videos are FREE and are not listed here.


With every interactive video, you'll find a set of teacher resources: Quizzes, Worksheets, Case Studies and more. Plus, enjoy uninterrupted video playback for the entire class.


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